Campaign for Unborn Children

Our mission is to convince good men and women of the evil of abortion and of the need to speak out to others, as well as providing them with tools to speak out more effectively. Our mission currently has three areas of focus

  • Addressing the high number of abortions among the black community in Georgia.
  • Confronting the fact that many Catholics are indifferent to the abortion issue, support pro-abortion candidates, and support to organizations promoting abortion through donations collected by the U.S. bishops.
  • Encouraging the use of graphic images to communicate the reality of abortion to others.

Who are we?

We are Catholics living in the Atlanta area who have been involved in the pro-life movement for over 20 years.  During this time we have worked to persuade people to choose life at abortion clinics in Atlanta. 

Sadly, we have seen more Catholics enter the abortion clinics than join us to save lives. We are faithful to the Church and believe everything she teaches.