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Fifty-three percent of participating Catholics voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election for president of the United States despite the fact that he was the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in U.S. history.  Not only has he promised to remove any obstacles to obtaining abortions, he intends to promote abortion overseas and has opposed legislation that would protect children BORN ALIVE after an abortion.

What can we conclude from this?

Most Catholics in the U.S. do not seriously consider the horror and magnitude of the abortion problem.  They are indifferent.

The Catholic Church hierarchy did not communicate a convincing message to the faithful against voting for pro-abortion candidates.

Our mission is to confront U.S. Catholics with the reality of abortion and convince them to educate others and to work to save the lives of unborn children.

We want good Catholic men and women to look long and hard at the photos of aborted, murdered babies and we want them to grieve over their deaths.

We want these same good people to examine their consciences and ask if they have done all that they should have done to stop this great evil.  We want them to feel sad because they have done so little to defend these little ones.

We want the people who voted for pro-abortion candidates to feel contrition for helping bring about the death of innocent children.

We want realization, sadness, Confession, commitment, planning, and action.

We want pro-life Catholics to show others the reality of abortion.

Without graphic images abortion is just a word.

Lukewarm education attempts are ineffective at getting people to confront the reality of abortion.   People are not actively pro-life if they are not taking concrete actions to save lives or educate others.  If they are not actively pro-life they are no better than indifferent.  Catholics must see the aborted child and their own indifference if they are going to change. 

Our enemy is the Culture of Indifference

Pro-life Catholics must have a well thought out plan if they wish to persuade the majority of Catholics to become actively pro-life.

We are Catholics who have been involved in the pro-life movement for over 12 years.  During this time we have worked to persuade people to choose life at abortion clinics in Atlanta. 

Sadly, we have seen more Catholics enter the abortion clinics than join us to save lives.

We have come to realize that the current, gentler strategies for asking people to fight abortion have failed to capture most people’s interest or cause them to take action.

We are faithful to the Church and believe everything she teaches.  Likewise, we are not protesting the Church or even protesting specific churches. 

We are not criticizing the motives of our Church leaders.  We simply recognize that their actions have not been effective at making Catholics actively pro-life.

We intend to visit many churches over the next few years.  We are focusing on Catholic churches because our Church is the Church established by Jesus Christ, and its members should be beacons of the Gospel of Life to other Christians and the world.

Most people (including many pro-life people) have not faced the reality of abortion.  Unless we look at the ugly pictures (and seriously reflect on what they show) our picture of abortion is not crisp and clear.

Many pro-life people will realize that their commitment to defending unborn children is lukewarm if they contrast the actions they have taken to protect “the least among us” with the horror of what has happened to these children.

Please examine the following photos closely and watch the attached video.

What do you think God wants you to do about this great evil?


Yes.  If you’re unwilling to look at these photographs then you cannot show them to others.  We have seen people’s hearts changed by simply one of these pictures.  Are you willing to look at ugly pictures to save lives?  Are you willing to show others ugly pictures to save lives?  Are you willing to ask others to show people ugly pictures in order to save lives?  Is it too much to ask?

We’ve actually spoken to some Catholics at the churches we’ve visited who deny that President Barack Obama is pro-abortion.  We’re not sure if these people are sincere in their ignorance.

If they are, they can simply watch the following speech by President Obama and see that he truly supports abortion and cannot possibly be considered as being concerned with the plight of unborn children in our country.

If you thought President Obama was pro-life, you did not do your homework.