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If you are interested in joining us or learning how you can help others see the reality of abortion, please contact – Robert Babecka - 678-939-3568

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you about something that bothers me greatly. In the last presidential election 53 percent of Catholic voters voted for Barack Obama for president.  He is the most pro-abortion candidate ever to run for that office.

I feel that a big part of the problem is that most Catholics do not take the abortion issue seriously.  To many people ABORTION IS JUST A WORD, but there is a way to change that.  If we will show others what abortion truly is all good people would agree that it is a grave evil that must be stopped.
How do we do this? 

1)  Show others graphic photographs of abortion.

2)  Point out that over one million abortions are performed in our country each year.

3)  Ask if something obviously so horrible is acceptable to them.  (By acceptable, we mean that it does not bother someone enough to take serious action to stop abortion.)

4)  If they agree that something so horrible is not acceptable ask them to show others the reality of abortion. 

Please take a close look at the photographs that follow.  Every pro-life person, every Christian should look at these photographs, because if they don't HOW CAN THEY SHOW OTHERS.
{Insert selected photographs from Web site - www.CampaignForUnbornChildren.com}

After looking at the photographs -
Is it acceptable TO YOU that people continue to die in this fashion OR do you feel called to join the battle and show others the reality of abortion.

If you feel an obligation to educate others please add a personal note to your friends and associates and pass this message on to others. 

Please visit our Web site (www.CampaignForUnbornChildren.com) to get a better understanding of our plans and to see what more you can do.

Thank you.


Bob Babecka
Campaign for Unborn Children