Message to Catholics

Catholics are supposed to be pro-life, BUT…

Fifty-four percent of participating Catholics voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election for president of the United States despite the fact that he was the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in U.S. history.  Not only did he promise to remove any obstacles to obtaining abortions, he opposed legislation that would protect children BORN ALIVE after an abortion. Pew Research Center)

In the 2012 presidential election fifty percent of the participating Catholics voted for Barack Obama.

In the 2016 presidential election forty-five percent of the participating Catholics voted for Hilary Clinton, despite her strong support of abortion and Donald Trump’s promise to protect unborn children and his description of a partial-birth abortion during the presidential debates.

The leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States have not effectively communicated a concern for the right to life of unborn children. In fact, fundraising efforts by the U.S. bishops among faithful Catholics (Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Campaign for Human Development) has resulted in substantial donations to organizations working against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

More Catholics show up at abortion clinics to get abortions than show up to offer assistance to women in crisis pregnancy and to pray for an end to abortion.

As lay Catholics, we must recognize that it is our responsibility to raise awareness and concern for the tragedy of abortion with our fellow Catholics and not wait for our bishops to address this problem.