Use of Graphic Images

Most people (including many pro-life people) have not faced the reality of abortion.  Unless we look at the ugly pictures (and seriously reflect on what they show) our picture of abortion is not crisp and clear. 

Many pro-life people will realize that their commitment to defending unborn children is lukewarm if they contrast the actions they have taken to protect “the least among us” with the horror of what has happened to these children.


Yes.  If you’re unwilling to look at these photographs then you cannot show them to others.  We have seen people’s hearts changed by simply one of these pictures.  Are you willing to look at ugly pictures to save lives?  Are you willing to show others ugly pictures to save lives?  Are you willing to ask others to show people ugly pictures in order to save lives?  Is it too much to ask?

Please examine the following photos closely and watch the attached videos.

The Silent Scream, Part 3

Graphic video of an abortion procedure (

What do you think God wants you to do about this great evil?